Hard competition in business nowadays has put an increased stress on planning and management, in this concern the pool of Operation Management in India is increasing. Due to enhanced economic activity. The shortage of skilled man power in critical sectors like manufacturing, warehousing , supply chain is also expanding. This creates an opportunity to personnel with skill sets in different industries from infrastructure to retailing sector. A bold increase is expected in manufacturing sector ,the option would also increase opportunities for the professionals in this field. The degree course in operation management will empower you with the expertise requirement to sufficiently manage the entire system related to manufacturing or services in a manner that the organization will lead competition.

Shri. Gulabrao Deokar College Of Engineering , Department of management studies is happy to offer Masters Degree course in Operation Management. It is one of the best operation management colleges in Jalagon NMU.

MBA in operation management equips you to deal with Production Management, you will also learn how to come up with and maintain process flows, develop vendor and internal inter departmental relationship to ensure smooth and efficient business. Operation Managers require an eye for minutes detail, zero error efficiency level, excellent negotiation skill, technical details of how to handle all the processes and general idea about manufacturing, sales and distribution channels of the company you work. The MBA degree course from our institution will definitely helps you to master all above said qualities and sustain you for future challenges .MBA in operation management gives students the perspective to manage the process behind the successful production and distribution of products in an organization efficiently. Students are taught to oversee the scope of the supply chain starting from product creation, development and distribution to sales outlets. The course structure at our system management college ensures technological knowledge in this line is integrated with current industrial practices to equip students to deliver beyond standard service levels for the business to grow further.

MBA operations open up career opportunities for you in the field of Management and Supply Chain Management, Quality Control, Logistic, Inventory Control, Production Planning and Improvement. Most candidates with engineering background go for MBA operation, as it gives them an edge over their peers in product development and designing, internet development and process optimization. Companies also give preference to MBA Operations students with technical or engineering background during campus placements.