We are providing you all these world class facilities in Jalgaon city under NMU. We believe our laboratories are supporting best infrastructure for development of Mechanical Engineering.

    At our mechanical engineering institute we take ample assignments, unit test and preliminary test for the students. The students are referring national & international journals, data manuals and they also visit to industries, trade and technology fairs every year. The department is having highly qualified and top quality experienced staff to manage quality education. The professional courses for CAD/CAM like UGS CAD-CAM training is also provided in college campus by various professional organizations.

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    Searching for the best and top mechanical college in jalgaon, NMU(North Maharashtra University) then we are going to be the best solution.

    Mechanical Engineering is an important branch and created the greatest demand for the professional requirements in India and abroad. Almost all sectors of industries require the Mechanical Engineering services. The main aim of the Government of India is to strengthen the Technical Education in India with the assistance of various technical institute and for the same this branch is catering the distance of developing technical education, for globalization with the tremendous boost in the Engineering and technological education standards in India.


    Fluid Mechanics Lab : The well equipped lab with experimental setups like Redwood Viscometer, flow through pipes, venturimeter, orifice meter, notches, weirs, Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus, momentum equation apparatus. Reynold’s apparatus, stability of floating body, to measure frictional losses. In this lab various turbines like pelton wheel, francis & kaplan turbines are available. The instruments related to hydraulics & pneumatics are also available.

    Metallurgy Lab : It is useful for performing all the practicals of Engg. Metallurgy to study the micro structures of different engg. materials for various heat treatments by using metallurgical microscope.Material Testing Lab : This lab is well equipped with Brinell hardness tester, lzod-charpy impact tester, Universal Testing Machine, Rockwell hardness tester, Poldi hardness tester etc. which are suitable to find toughness, stress, strain, creep, etc. The consultancy work is carried out using the instruments of this lab. Engineering

    CAD Lab : This lab is equipped with IBM make brand latest configuration of the computers, printers, scanner etc. students are trained on latest CAD packages like AUTOCAD 2000, Ideas 9.0 Solid Edge etc., Extra time is given for final year students to develop new designs as a part of their project. Unigraphics NX3

    Thermal Engineering Lab : This lab has facility for trial on Two stroke & Four stroke petrol engine, trial on Two stroke & Four stroke diesel engine, multi cylinder Four stroke petrol engine, twin cylinder reciprocating air compressor, cooling towers etc. Also, it has useful instruments like Bomb calorimeter, smoke meter, exhaust gas analyzer, Computerized Data Acquisition four stroke petrol engine etc.

    Mechatronics System Lab : Mechatronics Lab consists of advanced equipments like microcontrollers, Thermocouple module, speed measurement module and pressure measurement module. It gives good knowledge to the students of mechatronics.

    Mechanical Measurement and Metrology Lab : It is well equipped with different precision instrument like vernier caliper, micrometer, sine bar, slip gauges, bevel protractor, screw micrometer, depth gauges etc., to measure various linear and angular parameters. It includes various types of mechanical and optical instruments like angle dekkor, Auto collimator, optical flat, Dial gauges, limit plain and snap gauges & Linear variable differential transformer.

    Heat Transfer Lab : It is well equipped lab to measure various parameters in heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation. It has various experimental set up such as to measure thermal conductivity of metal rod & insulating powder to measure rate of heat transfer through composite wall & pin fin, to measure rate of heat transfer through natural & forced convection, to measure emissivity of real body, to verify Stefen-Boltzman law Thermocouple Calibration etc.

    CAD CAM Software : 20 users license copy of CAD CAM unigraphics Nx3 (UGS Nx3) software is available in CAD CAM lab. This software covers wide application in 2D drawings, solid modeling, assembly, analysis, surface modeling, knowledge fusion and shape studio. The visualization of any solid object is effectively rendered & one can animate the motion between two bodies very easily. Now-a-days there is a wide scope available for this software in product design and total product life cycle management areas. The detail training of this software is given to the students by conducting professional courses in the college campus by industrial persons.

    Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab : This lab is equipped with all the test rigs, models, charts related to RAC. Also it has trial on domestic refrigerator, air conditioner, ice plant, water cooler, heat pump combined with refrigerator cooling tower. Such equipment are added to improve the effectiveness of subject and practical of RAC.

    Elements of Mechanical Engineering Lab : This lab has well illustrative models & charts of Two stroke & Four stroke engines, various boilers like Babcock & wilcox, Lamont, Cochran, Locomotive, etc., various boiler mountings & accessories. Also it includes the models and charts of different mechanical elements like clutches, brakes, belt drives, chain drives, gear drives etc.

    Dynamics of Machinery Lab : This lab is well equipped with various instruments like simple & compound pendulum, bifilar & triflar suspension, gyroscope, different governors, belt-slip determination apparatus etc.

    Tribology Lab : This is very modern lab in the department equipped with various experimental setup like journal bearing apparatus, Michael tiltin pad apparatus, pin & disc wear test rig, brake limit friction test rig etc.

    Mechanical Vibration Lab : This lab is equipped with various instruments like critical speed measurement, single-degree freedom system, linear & torsional vibration, bifilar & tri-filar suspension etc.