Hard competition and the need for continuous change have created a critical role for HR Professionals in business organizations. Masters degree in Human Resource Management offers you a program to develop HR professionals with well rounded business perspective.

Shri. Gulabrao Deokar College of Engineering and Management is happy to offer the Human Resource Management Degree Course. It is one of the best Human Resource Management colleges in NMU, Jalgaon. Masters degree course contributes and aims to provide the student with the knowledge and ability to manage employee and execute the related work processes within a company covering various aspects including Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development, Designing Jobs Assessments and Motivation.

Bachelors and Master Degree Course provides students with the skills required for successful human capital management. It gives them knowledge of current corporate practices in the line.

The course is designed to present a liberal business education and prepare students for managing human resource industry. It is especially designed to develop and enhance the basic managerial skills and abilities of students and to equip them with appropriate tools of modern management for better decision making.

How is MBA Human Resource Management course beneficial?

HR is the most trickiest job in the corporate world. HR manager is required by all sectors whether they are in broom or gloom. HR Management is virtually a recession proof job.

If you have good communication skills, have a charismatic personality and enough confident, MBA with HR specification can help you to launch a career in Human Resource Development, Industrial Relations and Personal Management.

HR Personnel are the first point of interaction between a company and its employees and an efficient Human Resource Department plays a critical role in keeping business operations smooth and effective.

  • Recently India has noticed a big change in the way people view HR professionals salary packages are getting fatter.
  • HR has opportunities in many different types of companies and organizations from government agencies to startup enterprises.
  • HR managers oversee humorous specialists in the HR Dept. in large corporations, whereas small companies may have one person dedicated to employee relations.