In the department various technical session are frequently conducted which are related to programmable logic control, Robotics etc. for enhancing the practical knowledge of the students. In concern to robotics the students of all departments have learnt the basics related to assembling, testing, troubleshooting and fault finding of a Robot. In addition to this, the department arranges various Guest lectures from Industrialist and academician to provide knowledge of advancement in Electronics Sector. The students are also polished for group discussion and personal interviews by conducting personality development programme.

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    You are dealing with the best electronics and tele-communication engineering college in jalgaon affiliated to NMU(North Maharashtra University).

    In fast changing scenario E & TC has become one of the most important and the best branch of engineering and proven a top wanted course. Electronics devices are being used in almost all the industries for quality control and automation and they are fast replacing the present huge manpower engaged in processing and assembling in the factories. Great strides taken in the industrial applications of electronics during the recent years have demonstrated that this versatile tool can be of great importance in increasing production efficiency and control.


    Circuit Lab : Various digital electronics kits and experiments can be designed and performed in this lab. Experiments based on linear integrated circuits like operational amplifier, regulators etc. can be performed in this lab. In digital electronics the study of Digital and Analog IC’s is done and various experiments on it like addition of BCD number,conversion of gray to BCD are performed. In linear integrated circuit the major member of this integrated circuit is OP-AMP, that is IC 741, by using this OP-AMP various experiment are performed.

    Power Electronics Lab : Experiments on thyristor based can be done in this lab. Various power equipments and instruments, setup of power modules, various families of SCR are available. By using this SCR we can perform various types of experiment like speed control of DC shunt motor by using SCR and also it can be used as inverter.

    Process Control Lab : Experiments based on process control like Programmable Logic Control, Hydraulic Controls, Pneumatic Control, Pressure experiments, Temperature control, PID control etc. can be performed in this lab. And also perform experiment on transducer and instrumentation amplifier. By using this method we can calibrate sensitivity of the total system plan.

    VLSI Lab : This lab has Xilinx 7.1 for VHDL language which is used for the digital logic system design. Xilinx consists inbuilt simulator with test bench. It also consists FPGA & CPLD kits used for downloading the program. Microwave Lab : We have the microwave benches with klystron power supply & Gunn power supply in labs. These benches are self contained & provide the means to allow students to carry out practical work.

    Electrical Machine Lab : Equipments like single phase and three phase induction motors, D.C. generators, DC Motors, alternator, transformer etc. are available in this lab. Students can study various practical aspects of electrical technology in this lab.

    Consumer & Telematics Lab : In this lab we can study the trainer kits of VCR, CD-player, Fax Machine, TV & also study the Telephone Exchange Trainer, Cordless Telephone Set, Teleprinter, Modem Trainer Kit System, Mobile handset, Cellular mobile, EPABXset, DVD, DTH etc.

    Microprocessor Lab : The 8085, 8086, Z-80 & 89v51 microprocessor kits are available in this lab .Microcontroller kits of 89v51 processor are available. Micro controller based experiments and projects can be done in this lab and also detail study of instruction sets, assembly language programming, micro controls programming are performed by micro processor and micro controller kits. Practical on embedded system can be also performed in this lab explorer boards and titan boards are available.

    Printed Circuit Board Lab : Prototype PCB’s can be designed and double sided PCB’s for project and other circuits can be fabricated. In this PCB lab the art work on copper layer plate is done which is printed circuit board. After that PCB itching is done. Then the actual circuits is implemented. Digital Electronics and Linear Integrated

    Instrumentation Lab : Various electronics instruments are available in this lab. Students can study various experiments based on instrumentation. Noise and distortion measurements, storage oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer etc., can be studied. In this lab we can study electronics instrument like Voltmeter, Ammeter, Ohm Meter, Capacitance meter and detail study of CRO, LCR-Q meter.

    Electronic Devices & Circuit Lab : The basic experiments on electronics and network can be studied in this lab. The study of Amplifiers, network and lines practical can be studied. In this lab we can study basic electronic component like transistor, diode, resistance, capacitor. The detail study of Oscillator like RC phase shift, wein bridge, Hartly so on. The study of amplifier, clipper and clamper circuits are done

    Communication Lab : In this laboratory we can study analog, digital and different modulation techniques and also study of Radar, TV, VCR, Fax, Pager, Mobile etc. The detail study on digital communication like Synchronous and Asynchronous transmission of data from source to destination is done. There are kits of Fiber Optics Communication which are helpful to study communication techniques.

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