The engineering touched altogether a new dimension with the advent of artificial intelligence. At our computer engineering course you will get top and best world class facilities having number of computer labs updated with latest software like Oracle, Java, C#, Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio .Net , rational rose designing tool and rational software architecture ( RSA ), multimedia including separate internet lab. As per the AICTE Norms department is also having departmental library, store, office & staff room.

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    You are dealing with the best computer engineering college in NMU(North Maharashtra University),Jalgaon.

    Every field in the world is captured by computerization. Due to computer engineering we are now able to accept the information, applying prescribed processes to the information and supplying results of these processes. Computer engineering is highly flexible in communication with the user and different compatible languages.

  • Multimedia Lab : Department is having a well equipped multimedia lab with 30 computers. Configuration P-IV, 2.4 GHz, 128 mb DDR Ram, 40 GB HDD, 15″ Color monitor. Computer are connected with window 2000 server, with windows 98 and 2000 professional edition. This lab is used to perform computer graphics and multimedia practical.

    Maintenance Lab: Department is also having students lab for computer trouble shooting and maintenance. Students can perform IBM trouble shooting, motherboard and other peripherals study in this lab.

    Project Lab: The specific reason behind developing this lab is the project work of T.E. and B.E. students. This lab contains 30 IBM computers having configuration P-IV, 2.4 GHz, 512 mb DDR Ram, 40 GB HDD, 15″ Color monitor. Short term training programme and other extra activities like research work are done. This lab is also used for performing networking practical.

    Hardware / Embedded System Lab :  Hardware lab is having 30 IBM computers having configuration P-IV, 2.4 GHz, 51 2 mb DDR Ram, 40 GB HDD, 15″ Color monitor. Lab is also having all the peripherals which are required to interface with computers. Students can perform database management practical, Hardware interfacing practical and embedded system related practical.

    Software Engineering Lab : This lab is also having 30 IBM computer having configuration P-IV, 2.4 GHz, 128 mb DDR Ram, 40 GB HDD, 15″ Color monitor. All computers are connected in LAN with all necessary legal software. Students can perform practical related to C, C++, C# and Visual Basic and Visual C + + .

    Programming Lab:This lab is having 32 P-IV computers having latest configuration. Students can perform different programs related to database management system on oracle 10G database management software.

    Digital and Microprocessor Lab : This lab is having all setups to fulfill requirements of syllabus of computer engineering. Microprocessor lab is having all the modern 8085 Expo model as well as ADC / DAC cards. Seminar Hall : The outstanding feature of the computer department is the departmental seminar hall. Seminars of the eminent personalities and our students are arranged in this hall. For conducting seminars, LCD and overhead projectors are used.